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wMonday, January 02, 2006

New Year, New Start...
man 2005 passed by fast and i'm glad that it did! 2005 wasn't bad and i was able to learn a lot about myself and what i want in life.. also met some new people and reconnected with a lot of friends from the past.. overall i can honestly say that i enjoyed 2005, especially the later part of the year where i became i full fledged alcoholic! ha..ha..

i'm really looking forward to 2006 though, looking forward to leaving all the negativity, all the failures, and all the mistakes behind and starting fresh.. its guna be a good year! i know it..

last words...
"Defeat is always momentary"... i think that was from Hitch..ha..ha.. anyways Happy New Year to anyone that actually reads this thing.. and new pictures are up at...a bug's eye view here are some pics from new years...

posted by martin at 7:00 AM ...

wMonday, November 07, 2005


what do you do when you feel like you've been at the crossroads of your life for the past two years and no matter which way you choose and go down something always pulls you back to the middle, right where you started? you can see things ahead of you, you can see things to your left and right and know that going down any direction would be good.. but behind you is your past and for some reason, no matter how far you walk into one direction, your past keeps pulling you back and you have to start all over again???

i know i've made the right decisions in my life so far and they've taken me to where i want to be, but lately i've been questioning whether where i wanna be is really the right place for me and if i really wanna be there..

last words...
some people want the fame and fortune, some people want success.. me.. i just want peace of mind...

posted by martin at 6:11 AM ...

wTuesday, October 11, 2005

what's going on...
in the wise words of Mr. Marvin Gaye (who by the way, according to paolo, was a chronic masturbater) what's going on?! haven't posted in this thing for awhile yet so much has happened in the world.. from Hurricane Katrina to the devastating earthquake in India and Pakistan, to another series of vicious bomb blasts in bali.. just too much violence and calamity in the world today, i just pray that it stops and i pray for all those who have lost loved ones, i can't imagine the grief that they are going through, so i offer my prayers for both the survivors and the victims of all things that have happened.. Amen..

posted by martin at 12:26 AM ...

wSunday, September 11, 2005

the philippines...

just got back from a business trip from cagayan de oro and davao, actually the first time i've been out of metro manila or luzon other than going to boracay or puerto gallera.. the philippines is truly a beautiful country once you step outside of the city.. the city life is so different from the provinces, though cagayan de oro is a city its just so different, people are so laid back there, time seems to last forever, and the pressure doesn't feel so intense.. i've always loved to travel and experience different cultures and people and travelling around the philippines is no exception, experienced some new things and learned new things as well, for example, people in the provinces are so superstitious, as we were driving to have lunch near the sea, i saw a cross in the middle of the road, i asked my key accounts manager why there was a cross in the middle of the road and he said because some one had died in that exact spot..apparently in the provinces where ever someone dies they put a cross on that spot and leave it there for about a week and then after a week they take the cross out and pray that the soul is no longer there.. kind of strange but very unique.. other stories include ghost stories, myths, and magical creatures that are said to be true..

also took a long ass road trip from cagayan de oro to davao which was basically the whole day, was cool though, the drive to davao is beautiful, we drove through the mountains and farms so it was really clean and serene.. unfortunately wasn't able to stay in davao for too long cuz my flight was the next, nevertheless a beautiful city and somewhere i definetly wanna come back to..

overall a great experience, learned a lot of things that you just can't learn in the office and talking with my officemates further accelerated my learning process in the company and in my field work..

last words..
now its back to the grind of the work week.. the beautiful struggle of work and routine..

posted by martin at 5:29 AM ...

wMonday, August 29, 2005

simple days...
as i was working on something today i had my ipod on shuffle and it played a great babyface song, i've always been a huge babyface fan eversince he was still part of The Deal, his first two albums "For the cool in you" and "The Day" were dope but his music kind of went downhill when he dropped his 3rd album, the only good song from that album was the break up/regret song "what if" (a great song) anyway to continue with my rambling, my pod hit the song "simple days" from "The Day" album.. one of the songs that truly takes me back to my high school and middle school days, life was so simple back then, no worries, no troubles.. i remember just going to class, hanging out during honor pass, going to ball practice and hanging out with the boys.. the only worries back then were the occasional exams and whatever trivial mama drama was going around because of people hooking up or breaking up, of course another major problem was deciding what to eat at the wantilan (cafeteria), or whether to grab a snack at the student hore (is that how you spell hore?, anyway it was our name for the student store), or the booster slut (booster hut)... it was so nice not worrying about your future, worrying about work, or whether you'll end up being a failure or not.. back then it was just hanging out and enjoying the moment and trying to act cool or trying to get to know a girl that you had the hots for..

now its the hustle and bustle of work, the anxiety of what lies ahead, the decisions you have to make, and the prayers that a girl will actually give you the time of day (well that applies for me, not sure about the other guys out there)... i guess it just makes me appreciate more what i had back then, but the present is great too, the same anxieties you have about the future is what drives you, and when you do get to where you wanna be all the more rewarding it is.. maybe now its just the challenge of making these days as simple as the days before...if that makes any sense at all...

last words...
"sometimes i can't get over how wonderful those days were back in our lives, simple days for simple times.."- babyface

posted by martin at 5:27 AM ...

wWednesday, August 24, 2005

not much to do, just waiting for my hour to finish so i can go home and relax.. and i don't feel like working anymore though i do have some stuff to do, i guess i'll just save it for tomorrow cuz i'm laze.. i have to stop going out during the weekdays, always feel like monkey crap the next day at work, but sometimes i just can't say no, there is nothing like an ice cold brewski after work.. wow now i'm getting thirsty.. no no wrong wrong!

what a useless entry! ha..ha..

warning for guys: Sisterhood of the travelling pants= eternal torcher, pain, and punishment.. nuff said..

last words...
what do you do when you want something that you can't have?

posted by martin at 2:45 AM ...

wSunday, August 21, 2005

quite a relaxing weekend for a change.. usually i'm going out every friday and saturday but this weekend just played a game and then went home and basically chilled cuz i wasn't feeling too well.. got a massage at the spa.. wonderful! sitting in the steam room and getting a relaxing aromatherapy massage is just so relaxing and awesome.. and today, bought new kicks.. i'm seriously becoming a sneaker fiend.. its a good thing most of the times the stores don't have my shoe size... curse my tiny feet... which by the way has no correlation with other things!

why the entry title? a very good Goo Goo Dolls song, was listening to it with a friend in the car and she dropped these lyrics...

"Don’t suppose I’ll ever know
What it means to be a man
Something I can’t change
I’ll live around it"

said it was her favorite line in the song, my favorite line would probably be from the chorus..

"I wanna wake up where you are
I won’t say anything at all"

don't know why but the lines are so simple yet so meaningful.. i becoming a wuss!

too save my manhood a bit, will pimp out another song.. Memphis Bleek's "i wanna love you" featuring Donell Jones, always been a huge fan of Donell Jones, the brotha can sing.. and this song contains a sample of Michael Jackson's "PYT" or pretty young thing.. just one of those songs that gets you bobbin your head..

last words...
who do you tell and what do you do when your always confused?

posted by martin at 5:22 AM ...