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wThursday, November 25, 2004

What is "home" to you?

Think about this matter: What is 'home' to you?
If I were to make a tool kit for creating a home, what would it contain?
If I were to make a book, what would you like to have in it?
What are the things you miss the most?

an interesting question asked by another third culture kid, well at least thats what she calls people that have grown up away from their country of origin and have had to move back and "repatriate" (move back to their home country)...

why bring this up? i don't know, got it off a post from a friend in friendster and made me think, especially since my good friend Gordy came back here last week and its always a good time when he's back, actually to good of a time, i don't know how i get home the next morning.. to answer the questions posted above? what is home to me? i guess home would be where my family and friends are and where i feel at peace but that alone is a hard to define, sure my family and a core of my good friends are here with me in the Philippines, but i just haven't felt at peace here.. i don't know why and i don't know why after almost 6 years i still have not found peace here.. it sucks not wanting to stay here because i am Filipino and am proud to be Filipino no matter what people may think or say, there is a lot to be proud of but there is also a lot to be ashamed of, but i think thats true for all countries... right now i just feel that i should get out of here even for a few years cuz it may give me some perspective on things.. or maybe i'm just itching to leave and start all over again as i've become accustomed to...

to answer the 2nd question, i don't think there is a kit that can help you create a home, a home is created through time, memories both good and bad, and all that other stuff..

3rd question..don't read so it would just have to be a picture book of familiar faces, familiar places, and small things that help you associate with your home..

4th question.. the things i miss most about Jakarta? i'd have to say the food, my highschool, but most importantly my friends.. i've made great friends here but there mostly like my friends from back in highschool, kids like me, third culture kids, kids that have grown up away from their home country, some not even knowing or living in their country of origin, just like me.. people here are great but i tend to get along with people who are similar to me.. some people here may think i'm snobbish or don't care to meet people here, but those people are just like me, its natural to get along and want to find people who are similar to you and have the same interests as you and have experienced some things that you have.. i guess its just hard for me to get along with people because i have become so accustomed to just being with my friends, isolated.. why am i blabbing so much? i guess cuz i'm bored at work ha..ha..ha..

what else is new.. nothing at all, other than that crazy ass brawl thanks in part to Ron Artest, i swear i don't like that guy, sure he grew up in turmoil but so did other NBA players and professional athletes, its no excuse to go into the stands and go buck wild! these players are paid millions and millions to be professional and take the heat! if they weren't then i completely understand Ron-Ron going into the stands, but they are!

last words...
aight thats it..too much blabbering from me.. peace

posted by martin at 9:16 PM ...